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3 definitions by Aubrie Taylor

once every five years, a whale with antlers, crawls out of the ocean to molest small children.
Don't go outside today Bradley, it's the year of Juanica.
by Aubrie Taylor January 18, 2003
102 26
One with a HUGE wang. Measuring well over 9 inches, LIMP.
I heard he's hung like a cliedsdale. He's GOTTA be a Porostosky.
by Aubrie Taylor January 19, 2003
3 2
Also known as a 'yambag' or 'nut sac.' This term is usually used after the 'yambag' has been dipped in the mouth of another.
Chris Wagner tea bagged her over and over again.
by Aubrie Taylor January 19, 2003
7 55