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The statement of declaration that you are, from this point forward, no longer responsible for anything you say or do since you are hereby wasted.
"After that fourth shot of Jager, I believe it's time to make my Inebriation Proclamation"
by Aubrey Sabala October 27, 2006
To get festive, to get in the Holiday Spirit.
"I'm tired of all of you pooh-poohing the office Holiday Party. They'll have free booze and food! C'mon, it's time to festivate!"
by Aubrey Sabala November 30, 2006
Thursday Night Drinking Club (TNDC) is the weekly get-together of rowdy miscreants in cities around the globe. Usually involving copious amounts of alcohol and public events, TNDC's can often include PDA, unidentified brusies (found the next day) and "FAWC" Fridays (Friday Afternoon Working from Cafes, a necessity due to the hangover caused by TNDC.)
"For this week's TNDC, we're going to crash the Google boat cruise since they TOTALLY have free wine & food."
by Aubrey Sabala October 27, 2006

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