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A waffle that is a ninja.
Also the name of a pet on WoW.

A Proper Noun or noun or adjective or verb.
Mmm... Ninja Waffle

OMG your pet spider, Ninja Waffle is so hot!

Don't be such a ninja waffle!
by Attiria February 27, 2011
1. To make it your mission to complete your work right before it is due.

When you are overwhelmed and procrastinate so that you only have an hour to do your project before it is due.
When you're lazy and have to mission so that you don't fail.

2. To cram study before an exam because you were too lazy to study beforehand
I have a science project due in 2 hours... crap! Missioning time!

Shoot I forgot to study! Missioning will be the only way I pass this darn test! :O
by Attiria October 20, 2011
Legitical; adjective

Legitimate + Logical.

When something makes sense and is true.

Was created when someone was tired and mixed the two words together.
Girl: He stole my kitten!
Guy: How do you know thats legitical.
Girl: There's a picture of him holding its cage and laughing as his profile picture on facebook
Guy: Oh... uh huh
by Attiria August 31, 2010

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