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2 definitions by Atticus Finch

Perhaps the funniest and most original poster message boards have seen or ever will see. His humor and wit ride the knife's edge between brilliance and insanity. It is rumored that he holds several degrees ranging from BA, BBA, BS, MA, MFA, PhD, JD, DVM and even MD. The question remains – if he does have as an expansive education as he appears to why does he waste his time posting on message boards?

Known aliases ~ billifred, derfillib, duckbill, Guest
Three words: 2600. I guess that’s not three words. Actually it’s a number. I gotta stop drinking so much vinegar... - billifred
by Atticus Finch January 10, 2005
A Radley that yells "Boo."
Ol' Boo Radley never came out of his house.
by Atticus Finch June 12, 2003