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A mock piece of pubic hair used by prostitutes in the 1930's and 1940's who would shave their vagina's to reduce the risk of crabs.( AKA: A wig for pussy )
i trounced her dillypot so hard her merken fell off
by Atomson Austinson July 03, 2011
A slang term for a vagina that originated in the late 1930's
That Dame's Dillypot was open for business
by Atomson Austinson June 19, 2011
Often used in the car business. A name for a person that would drop dead for 10 bucks
Guy#1: "Hey you know that guy Phil?"

Guy#2: "Yea fuck that guy, watch what you say around him he's a Mr Hamilton"
by Atomson Austinson June 27, 2011
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