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An Australian car powered by an Australian 3.3 Litre 6 cylinder engine (later models injected) from 1979 to 1985, from 1986 onwards the Commodore has maintained an image of "The Australian way" despite being powered by an overseas powerplant.

In 1986 ("VL" series) the smooth Nissan 3 Litre 6 was introduced, this engine even today continues to compete with the best of the newer Japanese breed (reference to the turbocharged model avalible in the VL lineup, highly admired by "Muzza"'s).

Late 1988/9 saw the introduction of the VN series, powered by the dated Buick 3.8 Litre V6, many saw the VN series as a step backwards as it lacked the refinement and sporty appeal of the VL and earlier series. The characteristics of the VN (and the later VP) series are primary defined by it's boat-like handling and acceleration qualities.

The next new engine to be introduced came late in 2004 with the Alloytech 3.6 Litre, highly anticipated however this engine failed to deliever as it is easily outperformed by the superior Ford 4 Litre inline 6.

The Holden Commodore is loved by the majority of Australians however due to it's "bogan" image it is commonly disliked, however this dislike is usually projected from those who claim to be in the Import Scene however are too young (often 15 and younger!) / too poor (drive a civic or pulsar etc) to afford a high powered Japanese Turbo import.

Holden has plans to axe the commodore line in the coming years.
"Aww yarh lets mozy on down to the corner shop for some smoko k shazza?" - reference to the 1979-85 model Commodore.

"Oh mah gawd! have yous seen the momo's in Habibs new vl turbz uleh?! i swear to gawd they is the sickest thing this side of chapz!"
reference to the 1986-1988 Holden Commodore.

"Check it mate, my phat 'exec' has the style to pull all tha bitchaz, spesh with all the neon lights n shits that i has put in 'her"
Reference to the 1989-1992 Holden Commodore.
by AtmoBt1 December 05, 2004

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