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1. Capital city of The Great State of Georgia.

2. City where the transplants (mainly yankees) OUT NUMBER the natives and make traffic, work, living expenses and just life in general UNBEARABLE.

3. City with rich history, great food, great weather, great indoor and outdoor activities (live music, major sports) and the best people in the world (natives and native southerners in general). That's why everyone in the world and across the country keeps moving here. Don't believe the LIE that it was for "work" purposes only.

4. City that caters to annoying ungrateful transplants instead of the natives and it's own history.

5. City where Southern Hospitality still remains supreme but the natives don't put up with crap or foolishness.
Me:God must be punishing us (the city of Atlanta).

Another Native: Why's that?

Me: 'cause we're in transplant hell.

Another Native: Let's just torch the city and start all over again.

Me: Good Idea, you get the matches, I'll get the gasoline. Time to have us a good ol' fashioned transplant bonfire!

Another Native: This should keep us warm until the end of winter!

Me:Yep, there's enough of them to keep the midnight oil burning!
by AtlantaBorn March 12, 2010

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