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When someone answers a question without any form of intelligence or foresight. In an attempt to divert from giving a correct answer and in the process sounding unintelligible.
"Hey mat, have you seen my 50 dollars I left on the counter?"
"Well Tia, im not going to answer that question the way you want me to , but doggonit, I betcha, if we put our heads together we can come to some conclusion as to why money is even green to begin with."
"Mat , do me a favor and don't Palinize me!
by Atia Breen November 06, 2008
When your in the bathroom at someones house, or you know you are going to take a loud furious dump,. it is the act of coughing to cover up a poop.
Cough + Pooping = Cooping
"Tia! you might as well give that up, I can hear you cooping from the living room!"
by Atia Breen September 24, 2008
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