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Cheap as bread computer manufacturer, they do still in 2008 making these computer out of hardware from years ago for saving alot, exemple of this is, they still use pentium 4 because emachines hits the market of computer unknowledged people. Most of the hardware come from Taiwan or poor countrys so they save millions for that. I hate also when people say vista go faster than XP.

-Synonym of Cheapest
-Antonym of Gaming PC
-Me : Hey dude, you are buying a new PC?

-else : yea, im getting an Emachines

-Me : Mhh .. you should let me build your, it will be way more powerful .. like so MUCH

-else : What? build a computer? are you crazy maniac? there is conpanys that build computer, and you are not dell or hp so you can't build this!

-Me : Yes you can, and no vista will not make your computer go faster

-Else : Shut up, you don't know anything about computer!
by AthlonZ64 December 18, 2008

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