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Suburb in the west of Melbourne, Australia. High chances of you getting poisoned by a pork roll or being mugged by a fierce homeless granny wearing mockies (see 'mockies').
'hey moite, duz siz trayn goda s'nawb'ns?'
by Athene 'n' Mah Davels May 21, 2003
Pathetic excuse for a "suburb" in the sticks, outside of Schmendigo (see 'Schmendigo'), Victoria, Aust. Odd ppl tend to live there, and its common for the Townies to pay them out by saying their name different (see the pronounciation)
'yeh, was thinkin a goen out an' shootin sum rahbits out Junortoun way th'sarvo'
by Athene 'n' Mah Davels May 21, 2003

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