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Very bad food. Food that is badly prepared or of poor quality, slop. Commonly found in school cafeterias or on leftover night.
"Do I really have to eat this slarf?"
by Athene Airheart March 14, 2004
1. Also, a person who sucks farts out of dead skunks.
My friend Kevin commonly associates with squeebs.
by Athene Airheart April 18, 2004
Slang for a really really good airplane. (I.E. dependable, reliable, cute, affordable.) Refers to the Cessna 152 model, which is one of the greatest training aircraft ever.
"That plane over there is a real Cessna!"
by Athene Airheart March 14, 2004
A slang term for someone of African descent. It can also be short for "Nubian."

Not really meant in a derogatory fashion.
When my dad saw the type of candy called "nibs," he called them "nubs" by mistake and thought they'd be a good name for someone.
by Athene Airheart March 20, 2004
An expression of delight, similar to "It's my birthday." Probably accompanied by dancing around.
"Oooooh yeah, you dunked that shot... you da man, it's your birthday, woop! Woop!"
by Athene Airheart March 20, 2004
A nonsense phrase used in the 20s. See 28 Skidoo. Usually a positive thing.
"23 Skiddoo!" said the flapper as she checked out the guy in the zoot suit.
by Athene Airheart March 15, 2004
Similar to groundling but slightly ruder. Someone who can't fly.
I'd like to have started flight school at sixteen but my dad is too much of a groundhog.
by Athene Airheart March 19, 2005

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