9 definitions by Atheist(topix)

Godblocker ver.2.11 is a Fictitious software program for Windows Based Systems (Mac version coming soon ) that Essentially blocks God from your computer. Thus not allowing it to Enter your mind
" Hey,, I just Got Godblocker ver.2.11 Installed and it works Great. I Haven't Thought about God Since"
by Atheist(topix) January 29, 2010
"A Term Christians like to use for Atheists who don't see their point of view"

How Exactly does one Hate what One doesn't Believe in ?

Using that Logic, we also hate Garden Gnomes, Pixies, Thor, Zeus and Unicorns.
Atheist - " I think the Christian God is a bunch of Nonsense"

Christian - "You're a Godhater"
by Atheist(topix) January 26, 2010

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