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The Mental Illness of Fundamentalist Christians
"He Has a Very Serious Case of Christardation"

"He Suffers from Christardation"
by Atheist(topix) January 18, 2010
A Christian Who Talks about Love, Peace and Tolerance, then does the Complete Opposite.

This often Occurs when Discussing Homosexuals
"You Talk about Love, Peace and Tolerance but Really you're a Hypochristian"
by Atheist(topix) January 20, 2010
Christian Missionaries who Intentionally go into conflict Zones, when they know there is a possibility of getting Killed

These people are Considered "God Fodder", as they are Expendable and Easily Replaced.

Similar to Cannon Fodder
"10 Missionaries were Killed during a Firefight Today, they were God Fodder"

" If you go into that War Zone you will become God Fodder"
by Atheist(topix) January 20, 2010
A Person Who Overbelieves in Something, Especially when it comes to Religion and the Supernatural
"He Believes in the Supernatural powers of Healing, He's an Overbeliever"

"He Believes that Angels are Real, He's an Overbeliever"
by Atheist(topix) January 18, 2010
"A Term Christians like to use for Atheists who don't see their point of view"

How Exactly does one Hate what One doesn't Believe in ?

Using that Logic, we also hate Garden Gnomes, Pixies, Thor, Zeus and Unicorns.
Atheist - " I think the Christian God is a bunch of Nonsense"

Christian - "You're a Godhater"
by Atheist(topix) January 26, 2010
When the Most important Thing in a person's life, over Family, Friends and ones own life is Jesus, That Person is considered a Jesusjunkie
"Jesus is the most Important Thing in My Life"

"You're a Jesusjunkie, Take your Godgoggles Off, you Christard"
by Atheist(topix) January 20, 2010
A Person who Calls themselves a Christian, however Doesn't Act like a Christian, or Sub Par of what a Christian should act like

Often Involves Hatred of Homosexuals, and Usually Contains some form of Swearing
Subchristian - " You F'ing Queers should be All Strung Up and Shot"
by Atheist(topix) January 20, 2010

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