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A female who is
Fine,Sexy,Fit,Cute,Attractive,Hot and so on ,you get the drift
"check her out , she's definately a zeta "
by Atez November 21, 2006
basically a 'Zeta' but she doesn't quite know it.

A 'Fine' female who dresses it down, (without knowing), and doesn't really know her potential or natural beauty
She's a bit of 'a cheeky zeta' that one.

by Atez November 21, 2006
A full on 'Zeta' and totally knows it,uses it and flaunts it.

You'll be lucky to get off with her.
Two mates talking about a night out,
"mate, you should have seen the birds,there was one 'a proper zeta"
"not a chance then!"
"naa,but good to look at"
by Atez November 21, 2006
A Zeta,plain and simple
'she is such a Zeta......real sexy'
by Atez November 21, 2006
A 'Zeta' is slang for:

1.A Babe

2.A Honey

3.A Sexy Chick

Basically any female who is 'Fine'

4.The name of a dog who is both faithful and loyal but has to make room for a 'Hot Female' i.e.'Get off the settee Zeta'
'Wow , this place is full of ZETAs'.

'Is this a ZETA walking towards us'.

'She's one hell of a ZETA'.

'Get off the settee ZETA'.

'Pack your bags Zeta,your off on holiday'.

by Atez November 20, 2006
'A Zeta' is slang for a 'Sexy Babe','a Honey','Hot Chick' basically any 'female' who is 'Fine' etc
Zeta is the name of a dog and she is a loyal and faithfull conpanion.But once a 'Sexy babe'appears its time to make room and 'Get off the settee Zeta' and the 'Hotter' they are the more descriptive it gets like 'Off to the park Zeta' or 'pack your bags Zeta,your off on holiday' and so on,just ellaborate.
Another example: walking down the road with your mate and two girls approaching and you say to your mate 'looks like a couple of Zetas' or say 'off the settee Zeta'
Or you walk into a crowded room and say to your mate'the place is full of Zetas'
by Atez November 20, 2006
A smaller version of a CONNOR
used by males
'we didn't pull any birds last night so I let Steve use the CONOR on me'
'did it hurt'
'fuck yeah'
by Atez November 23, 2006

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