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8 definitions by Astrotoy7

When you are caught in the difficult situation of wanting to do a fart, but not being entirely sure that you may crap your pants first.
Gatsby lent over and said,
"check this fart out old sport!"

Soon after a squelching sound emanted from his backside, accompanied by a terrible smell and a look of horror on Gatsby's face.

"Looks like you played Catch Twenty-Poo and lost my dear fellow" I chuckled.
by Astrotoy7 March 14, 2009
The practise masturbating whilst using the internet to browse pornographic materials. Applies to males and females.
That guy is a creep, always in front of the computer, interwanking....
by Astrotoy7 March 21, 2009
During the act of sexual intercourse with a friend's mother, you make her yell the name of a Pokemon character just before you ejaculate. The more mothers you have sex with, the more potential characters you can collect.

Timmy: ugh, ugh....Im gonna cum Mrs Jensen....


Timmy: I love Pokeyourmum! Gotta Catch 'Em All !!
by astrotoy7 June 10, 2009
The use of computer animation to create storyboard sequences for vaginal close-ups in pornographic movies.
eg. The Oscar for best Vaginatronics goes to Industrial Muff & Magic for the groundbreaking use of Vaginatronics in the creation of the 'Schlong Wars' Trilogy
by astrotoy7 June 10, 2009
A mathematical equation defining the properties necessary to sell out your friends, whilst looking devstatingly handsome throughout.
C3PO: Captain Solo! Captain Solo! I strongly advise against going to Cloud City... Lando Theorem indicates a strong possibility that it is a trap

Han Solo: Shut up Goldenrod!
by astrotoy7 June 10, 2009
Believing you have invented a unique word or phrase, and later finding it has already been thought of - with the exact same definition.
eg. I thought of this cool word today. When I went to put it on Urban Dictionary, I noticed I had been defganked.
by astrotoy7 June 10, 2009
A field of Robotics dedicated to creating simulacra of the female vagina
eg. Have you seen the new Mufftronics section at the sex shop?
by astrotoy7 June 10, 2009