14 definitions by Astor G.

1. A deceitful spam e-mail whose sender is clearly meant to cheat you out of money and waste your time.

2. A deceitful e-mail that is clearly meant to steal your identity and empty your bank account.
1.I got another one of those Nigerian e-mails again promising me millions of dollars if I would stand in for the next of kin. Come on, that is such a scam spam.

2. My friend got a Job Opportunity spam from China if only I would send my name, phone, addresses, bank account number and a picture of himself.
If that isn't a scam spam, I don't know what is.
by Astor G. November 05, 2007
1. What a credit company or subprime mortgage agent has in you when you are maxed out, can't pay and they've tripled the interest rate they charge.

2. A lending company that deliberately suckers in distressed lenders knowing they'll pay the minimum while they can raise their interest rates upteen million times. The act of making them pay through the nose is having their greedhooks in their "customers."

greed + meathooks
ABC credit lending gave me a preapproved $5000.00 loan, so I took it because I had bills piling up. Now I got in an accident and lost my job. Now the company has their greedhooks in me.
by Astor G. March 20, 2008
1. A person who poses as a member of a group but are doing so just to mess with their heads for the fun of it.

2. A person who poses as a member of a group in order to prey on them, argue, preach, or cause discord.
That guy I thought was someone in my class ended up being a 45 year old creep from another state. He mede me think all my friends were gossiping behind my back. He was an infil-traitor!

I found out that the guy who joined our pagan group was really a Christian fundamentalist arguing for Jesus's love. Right like I need to hear that. What an infil-traitor
by Astor G. November 05, 2007
A jokingly "formal" use of hoodie. Rhyming slang based on woody = Woodrow. hoodie = Hoodrow.

Nerdspeak use of Hoodie.
I'm going to a special party tonight, mmph! Would you please hand me my hoodrow?
by Astor G. October 12, 2007
A website that is huge,filled with pop-up ads for other large businesses and completely corporate with no room for small businesses or independent producers.
I don't bother to go to Barnes and Noble's website anymore. It's nothing but a big box website.
by Astor G. October 12, 2007
Somebody who does an internet search on a word, a religion, a person, etc., on Wikipedia and a few other sites at the top of the Google list and decides they know everything the need to in order to win their argument.
Person one: "Who, Jason just blistered me with his list of who are the best and worst American Presidents."

Person two: "Yesterday, he didn't know anything about them."

Person one: "Yeah, well, today, he's become an instant expert.
by Astor G. February 20, 2008
A person who is so stupid that you can throw a boot at him and he will just stand there looking vacant.
Man I ran into a guy who is so dumb he thought a Mac Daddy was an old Apple computer. That guy is a bootpole.
by Astor G. October 10, 2007

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