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1. A girls name in Latvia
2. Goddess of luck and destiny, in ancient Latvian mythology. She is the one who makes life paths and gives opportunities to people. Sometimes grants wishes.
3. A chocolate factory in Latvia
4. Happiness
5. Luck
She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and her name was Laima.

I love Laimas.

Laimas are very sexy..
by Asterisk* Momma April 11, 2010
Sitting on a curb and watching people. Idling or loitering on a curb with no set purpose or course of action except for watching people on the street. Usually done in parking lots or places where one can oversee large areas and see crowds of people therefore observe more redundant activities.

Curbing is a group activity, done in pairs or groups up to 4 people.
It was so nice outside so me and my friend we decided to go curbing. It was wonderful. We curbed all day..

Me and my friends, we always go curbing when we have spare time.
by Asterisk* Momma April 11, 2010

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