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The face a man makes when he orgasms. It is said that when you look into a man's eyes while he has his Vinegar Strokes, you can see into his soul. Its also the point in sex where you can't stop and have to finish.
Cathy: "So, how was Jeremy last night?"

Jasmine: "Amazing! He has a funny Vinegar Strokes though."


Jake: "Dude, I called. Why didn't you pick up the phone?"

Jeremy: "I wish I could've, but I was in the middle of a Vinegar Strokes."

Jake: "Oh, I understand."
by asstrick September 20, 2011
A Room-Clearer is a person who passes wind quite frequently, and often noticably, in public places. Many people feel pity for this person, but many also choose to avoid him/her.
Annie: Hey, why isn't anyone sitting next to Kyler?
Mark: He's a room-clearer.
Annie: Oh. What a pity.
by asstrick September 30, 2011
Combo Genre of Dubstep and Hip-hop.
Dude, I listened to some Dub-Hop yesterday, and it just completely mind fucked me!
by Asstrick November 03, 2011

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