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A term used by pretentious musical elitists to deflect criticisms and to feel superior. Underground Music is simply music that has not yet gained widespread fame and notoriety. Listening to Underground music does not make you elite; it only means you discovered it through channels other than popular mass media.
Many fans of artists like to maintain the label of "Underground" even though the band or artist has gained success and notability. One example is Minneapolis Hip-Hop duo Atmosphere's maintained underground reputation, despite their having had sold millions of albums and being recognizable nationwide.

Underground music is essentially the opposite of mainstream music.
Ex 1) Musical Elitist: How can you listen to Eminem? He was only good when he was underground.

Ex 2) A real Underground Musician is Apex Predator, because he is local to Long Beach, and is not commercially successful or widely known.
by Assjuyo Patruyo April 05, 2011

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