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5 definitions by Asshair Snarfler & Pull-Dis-Fing

When a dude shoves his dong so far down your throat that you upchuck your meal of curried cayenne-peppered goat into your gullet right on his tonsil-jabber. Thus creating cockpuke.
(Happily munching) Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm-mmmm-mmmehah asfhchchae raaaaaaaaaahfda -- fuck dude, cockpuke! (Spitup swallowed) You totally stabbed my trachea. (Gulp)

You blew chunks on my babystick, bro. Cockpuke's burning my hole.
Chodejaw is the painfully inevitable medical condition that ensues after giving head to a double-wide dick.
Fatty's brickdick barely penetrated my lips but its propensity in width had my sore chodejaw gumming at baby food for a month.
by Asshair Snarfler & Pull-Dis-Fing September 11, 2007
Munching your boyfriend's hairy asshole for so long you develop lockjaw.
Dude is assgobblin like a fizziend, suddenly he can't shut his mouth: "Dawwwm howwwney, Iww cawwn't clowwse mywww jawwwws."

Dude 2 "Too much assgoblin, baby, here let me rub your cheeks."
Total annihilation(colloquially, "analilation") of the ass of your fresh, young boyfriend on the second date. Typical action of your average 42-year-old boyshark.
Dammmmmn, when Phatdaddy flew me out to see him last weekend, he got all up in my tailpipe with Superchode. It was like the Boston Assacre.
by Asshair Snarfler & Pull-Dis-Fing September 11, 2007
When facing your lover in bed, place on leg on top of another, another top of that, and the last on top of all three. The leg sandwich essentially allows for a more comfortable frontward-spooning and puts the aforementioned awkward appendages to better use.
If my husband and I don't leg sandwich while laying in bed, his fat belly gets so much in the way that I can't kiss him and I get spinal deformities when I have to arch my back so far up just to reach his face.