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In the attempt to make sweet, sweet love to a drunk honey, she evacuates the room in an obscene matter, muttering to herself, "Are you serious!!" or "Not Now!!". When you awaken in the morning you are in great mood because she is not there only to discover your bed looks like a murder scene. There is blood everywhere, Yes she perioded on you.
Yo, I was gettin with this whore last night and she totally Fowkesed on me.
by Assgoblin10 December 16, 2009
The act of fornicating doggie style while walking or jogging at a slow pace. (preferably with a female who has recently been de-virginized). This is best preformed while walking and humping in harmony. This move can also be used on the dance floor due to its rhythmic motion.
Dude, this girl was a freak. She even let me Davies her around the kitchen.
by assgoblin10 December 16, 2009
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