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When someone starts to say something i.e. a story or a thought, and stops in the middle of it without finishing. Thus, the original idea isn't completely conveyed, and the listener only knows part of the story, and must know the other part to be fully satisfied. Stems from the term "blueballs," the symptoms after receiving a blowjob without climaxing, although nearly reaching it.
My friend was telling me about a big fight she had, when all of a sudden she stopped and said "Whatever, nevermind." It was a huge case of verbal blueballs.
by Aspano April 16, 2004
A dirtbag person who should be shot in the face at least 3 times. Then shot again just to embarrass them. Then you should uppercut a dog just cuz he opened a window. Originates from the Latin words dirticus and neckae, meaning "Wow you're awful" and "Your mom gives good head", respectively.
You're a fuckin dirtneck bro. Make me a sandwich.
by Aspano April 07, 2004
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