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A town in Bergen County, NJ. It's also know becuase of the enormous amounts of malls or shops here. There are 3 main malls: GSP (the most populated/older kids usually seen there), Paramus Park (younger kids), and Bergen Mall (idk..they have wholefoods and stuff). Mostly white, and the rest are asians with very small amount of blacks and a good amount of indians, arabs, hispanics, etc. It has...many elementary schools, two middle schools (west and east brook) and 1 high school. East Brook and West Brook students seems to be COMPLETELY different. The westbrookers in my grade are the more bigger, more party-ers, and richer people, but they're nice. Eastbrook are just...nice people. PHS is decent. The music program is nationally recognized. We actually have a good sports program and it's getting better. We're not all rich, that's a myth. This town is mostly middle to upper middle so we don't ALL drive BMW or mercedes and such, its common, but we have hondas and toyotas too. The people here are all generally nice, unlike some other towns. I think we don't have a problem with any towns except RW. This place is not ghetto at all (and we dont try to be). We barely have any drugies, but the drugies are generally accepted. A lot or people party. The Asians are your not so typical asians here....trust me. I'm one of them. We also have a double of everything you can imagine. This place is empty on Sundays.
A: Where do you live?
B: Paramus
A: Wait i think i know that place
A: Oh ok
by AsianInNJ December 17, 2011

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