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2 definitions by AsianGlow

1) An ornament worn around the neck made of 100% precious metal (platinum, gold, or silver).
2) A necklace containing a hundred links.
- This ain't just any bling, it's a hundred chain!
- Yo, I spent bank gettin' me dis hundred chain.
- I wear my hundred chain to show the ladies I got money in the bank.
by AsianGlow March 04, 2008
Derived from "booty call."

1. A contact used for sex.

2. A nickname for a significant other.

3. A sudden sound made to frighten someone.

4. An expression for negativity/dislike.
1. "Man, I really need to get me a boo tonight."

2. "That's my boo!"

3. "Boo! Did I scare ya?"

4. "Boo! This sucks!"
by AsianGlow March 15, 2008