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People in India come from two different races...the North being Indo-Aryan and the South being Dravidian.
People in the North tend to be lighter and people in the South are much darker, although some in the North are 'dark' and some in the South are 'light' they are two completetly different races...this is evident from their facial features...people in the South are closer to Black Africans. Northern Indians have some Persian ancestry which is why they have more Caucasian features (ie. broad) nose and light hair (straight or curly but not kinky like Southerns!) and eyes (ie.green/grey).
True Hindustani and Jai Hind, you both are fuckin morons who don't know shit...so don't fuckin say that all Indian are the same cuz believe me Northerns are not the same as Southerns!!!!
True Hindustani and Jai Hind are fuckers who think Indians are all one...you guys must be from the South who wish they had some relations to the North lmao. Shut the fuck up cuz the Northern Indians have Aryan blood and have no fuckin resemblance to Southerns so get your damn facts straight!
by AsianBlood November 09, 2006
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