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A loving girl who is super popular. She is most likely Vietnamese. Everybody thinks she's funny and pretty. She loves babies and does good in some subjects in school. She can do poorly in some subjects but school isn't everything. She is crazy and when she is hyper, it's hilarious. She has awesome friends but just one true best friend. Sometimes, she can be jealous of girls but her friends and family are always there to say that she is pretty too. She can fight with her family at times but in the end she is kind and generous. Sometimes she doubts her looks and points out every flaw she sees about her self but no one seems to care because she is beautiful and has a heart of gold. Guys love her and would do anything for her but sometimes she just doesn't notice and treats them bad. But when she likes someone she falls for them hard but when she gets rejected, it's hard to move on. But in the end, Phuong is awesome, pretty, and lovable, she's funny and everyone loves her.
Girl: Wow, Phuong is just so nice and sweet!
Girl 2: Yeah, she let me borrow her shirt and when I gave it back she said I could keep it!

Girl: I heard about that! That shirts expensive!
by Asian chic January 19, 2013
A most likely Vietnamese girl who everyone loves to be around and is incredibly funny. She makes her own jokes and laughs at it but that's what makes her so charismatic. She is popular and has a lot of friends but can only have one true best friend. She is called pretty by many, but she is sometimes insecure and points out every flaw about herself but no one cares about them. She is also jealous of a a lot of girls but she doesn't know that she is beautiful even though she is told by many. She can get into fights with her family or friends but in the end they always make up with her because she is so irresistible. She always works hard when it comes to cleaning or etc, but when it comes to school she rarely studies and does poorly in some subjects. She loves babies and loves to play with them. She is good at taking care of others and has a big heart of gold. Guys would honestly do anything for her. And when she likes a guy she likes him a lot. Sometimes, a guy falls head over heels with her and she doesn't notice and sometimes can be a jerk to him. She can make or break a relationship and would make a good girlfriend. Phuongs love food and once they work out, they go back to passionately eating. Phuong are sexy, hot, and lovable in anyway possible. Girls are also jealous of her but she doesn't see that. Phuongs can also be sometimes aggressive so don't mess with them or it's gonna look real ugly.
Guy: wow Phuong looks fine today.
Guy 2: I know right I would like to kiss those plump heart lips sometime
Guy: back off dude she's mine.
by Asian chic January 19, 2013

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