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verb, the act of swiftly or stealthily, by any means, stealing the shit from the sphincter. Either catching in mid air drop, or by forcefully extracting the protruding stool.
i just pulled some spaghetti from my nose, it felt like that time i used the public toilet in town and got poo grabbed.

those toilets at the park are notorious for poo grabbers.

i got poo grabbed the other day, the guy was using it like a hot brown crayon.
he wrote "poo grabbed" on the wall of the cubical.

My girl was giving me a lumpkin the other day, she evolved it into a poo grab quite stealthily
by Ashyr November 13, 2008
when a riot breaks out involving fecal matter
I caught some hooker having a scat riot with her pimp

I entered my friends bedroom the other day. looked like a scat riot took place
by Ashyr January 03, 2009
The motion/act involving intense squashing/ripping/tearing/mutilating of an object or being. deforming an object through rage, deliberately with force, re arranging the formation of objects. scrunching or bunching up an object in a fit of rage or humour.

Dont look at me like that or i will scrungle your face....

She made me so angry i just scrungled the corner of the sofa.

by Ashyr February 06, 2009
beliefs are simply an indication of ignorance and the inability to see directly what is HERE in all its WAYS
i believe he is telling the truth,
i believe what the scientists tell me,

by Ashyr September 04, 2008
Removed of its Skin.
it is now skun.

one day i awoke and looked out my bedroom window to see a de-skinned/skinned horse hanging in a tree, and i said to my father "the horse is skun"

true story.
by Ashyr September 04, 2008

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