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A show where P Diddy tells everyone to go to Queens and get him a sugar cookie or go to New Jersey to get him a golf club and take pictures of midgets holding ballons or to go to the Bronx to get breast milk from a Cambodian immigrant.
The five greatest rappers of all time. 1.Dylan
Dylan spits fire!!!!
by Ashy Larry March 25, 2004
An individual that is immersed in the genre of horror that revolves around intense displays of gore and mayhem; Films like 'Dawn of the Dead' and 'Zombie'.

Someone that loves b-horror films that have poor plot and acting, and watch for the scenes of extreme violence and gore.
Anyone who thinks that Lucio Fulci is a genius.
by Ashy Larry June 29, 2004
Alternate yiddish for Schmuck. See Schmuck.
He gave you a 'D'?! Fucking schmagegi.
by Ashy Larry June 30, 2004
the best Call of Duty player the world has ever seen.
My name is Langer and I just got owned by that fool Ashy Larry!
by Ashy Larry December 14, 2004
a fluffer is a pimp that licks fluff of your moms titties.
samurai_ smells like marshmellow... so does my mom. DAMMIT dude is a straight fluffer.
by Ashy Larry April 14, 2005

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