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Partit in assyrian language meaning to rip open, teeza in assyrian meaning ass, putting 2 and 2 together, rippin ass. usually referring to a gay person.
Ashur's Dad loves to parteeza its unbelievable.

or you can use it in calling someone gay
Ashurs Dad is a Parteeza (Also See Fag)
by Ashy --Still Tippin' April 11, 2005
once apon a time, alan went to his grandma and asked her money. and she replied saying mooscooty. Moos in Assyrian Meaning Lick or Suck. And Cooty Meaning Pussy. 2 and 2 together - Lick My pussy...
Nana Buyen ZoyZeh
Buyit Zoyzeh brooni
hee nana buyen zoyzeh
tah mooscooty
by Ashy --Still Tippin' April 11, 2005
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