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1. JaclynJactation.

2. any person that annoys you.

2. substition word for: fag, idot,
retard, dumbass, and JaclynJactation.
jaclynjactation: i love hotfresh!
ashley: you are such a whoremunger.

person 1: have you talked to that
whoremunger lately?
person 2: oh, you mean jaclynjactation?
by ashleyyyy January 12, 2008
BOY, CUTie, amazing hair, MADDDDD good kisser, anddddd maybe lacks enough sexual drive to be aggressive. ;)

Me: are you brentllleyy

YOU: yea how'd you know
Me: cause ur lips are huge. u must be a good kisser.

plus ur name is half me half youuuuuu
by Ashleyyyy January 07, 2008

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