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An obese child that ate all the pizza at my birthday party.
Ciara: *eats 5 slices of cake and two candy bars* Ashley: "GOD your such a dino!" Ciara: o_O *rushes into the bathroom and forces herself to throw it all up*
by AshleyxAirhead November 17, 2007
A very dykey girl. An ex girlfriend of any want to be rockstar named Brian.
WOAH! Look at dayna... holy.dyke....DYKE-O-RAMA.
by AshleyxAirhead November 17, 2007
Hard fucking core. A jocked version of HXC but better becuase ashley and stephanie made it.
Ciara and Bianca: holyshit. stephanie rogers and ashley kelly are so HFXC. no wai like 101 53xplz
by AshleyxAirhead November 17, 2007

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