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A spiritually enlightening drug that makes one realize what a crazy, messed up world we really live in. Everything seems more beautiful, nature is more appreciated, and one may experience open and/or closed-eye visuals, often of colourful patterns, or other things depending on amount taken. Best results occur when mushrooms are chewed then swallowed. The senses may also experience new things while on this drug, such as brighter lights, hearing new sounds, etc.
Mushrooms made me realize how beautiful and nice nature is, and I thought I was a hippie for 6 hours. They made me understand that this world is so fucked up and that nothing is original or right, and that we must achieve this state in reality in order to live a fulfilling life. Similar to the beliefs of buddhism though the religion does not accept drugs.
by AshleyIsAHippie June 18, 2005

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