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The first novel in the vampire series by Melissa De La Cruz. Set in the city of Manhattan, the city's supernatural elite are running rampatant. But mysterious cases of full consumptions are turning up; vampires are dying!
The Blue Bloods novels are amazing.
by Ashley247 October 10, 2008
The Angel of Destruction. His vampire twin is Azrael the Angel of Death. Strongest vampires after the Uncorrupted.
Jack Force's true name is Abbadon.
by Ashley247 October 10, 2008
Silver Bloods are blue bloods who prey on other blue bloods. They are also known as Crotan or Abomination. When they feed on blue blood their own blood turns Silver. They also consume their victims memories and go insane with so many past lives in one body. They are also the loyal servants of Lucifer.
Silver Bloods are also known as Abomination or Crotan.
by Ashley247 October 10, 2008
The second installment to the Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz. Schuyler travels to Venice with Oliver to find her grandfather. For a few months the silver blood attacks have stopped for a while, but Schuyler is convinved they're not over.
Masquerade is the novel in which the Four Hundred Ball occurs.
by Ashley247 October 10, 2008

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