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the yomsley is a girl that turned out to be a conspiracy. is she real or not? what ever happened to the yomsley?! it all started on a drunk march day.. the 29th to be exact.. that the yomsley went on a crazy rampage. the next day, she was no where to be found. she didnt show up until 2 weeks later. so the next time someone goes missing. ... it is known to be "pulling a yomsley"
the yomsley is a crazy dominican.
the yomsley is a well known legend in the bergen county region.
i saw the yomsley the other day but then the next minute, she was gone.

#the yomsley #yoms #yomley #drunk #bfield #bergenfield
by Ashley-Mariee aka ganja October 29, 2008
the shorter term for Bergenfield. a small town in New Jersey. Next to Teaneck, Tenafly, New Milford, And Dumont.
I walk in the streets of Bfield, New Jersey.
#bfields #berfield #befield #bergenfield #towns #new jersey
by Ashley-Mariee aka ganja May 01, 2007

1.)zoo krew originated in bergenfield, new jersey. They are a group of 5 girls who love to party and live life. They are known for being party animals; hence the term "zoo" krew.

2.) A group of partyers.
i finally got to party with the zoo krew the other day.
#zoo krew #zoo crew #party animals #bergenfield #groups
by Ashley-Mariee aka ganja April 09, 2010
people that do weed 24/7. usually denies the fact that they are potheads. has a bad reputation and is known for smoking pot. Most pot heads are found in bergenfield. mostly from erick and his friend leo.
i hate the fact that my boyfriend is a pothead. i always tell him to stop but all he does is get high.

Bergenfield is such a pothead town. Especially the no good 8th grade guys.

Jennie always tried to sell me fake weed. I think he gets it from that pothead Leo.

Yoo Lola wanna smoke some weed with Erick and leo?
#weed #potheads #leo #erick #pot
by Ashley-Mariee aka ganja May 01, 2007
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