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making a big deal over something unneccessarily
That bitch! I'm gonna kick her ass!

Dag Jenny, all she did was look at you. Why you gotta be so drama?
by Ashley St. Claire March 14, 2003
v. to steal, in an underhanded way, usually from a friend/acquaintance.
That bitch just left and crafted my lighter.
by Ashley St. Claire March 14, 2003
stupidity that goes above and beyond the call of duty. it's like stupid thinking outside the box, finding inventive new ways to be moronic.
ok when he shovered that strw up his nose, he wasn't just retarded he was CBREtarded
by Ashley St. Claire March 13, 2003
a pretty christmas decoration favoried by men of the gaysian variety, particularly in St. Louis
Nguyen loves himself some glass ornaments
by Ashley St. Claire March 14, 2003
a poncey twit. imagine 10 lords a leaping. now imagine how fucking stupid they look. Michael Flatley is the Lord of the dance. get it? Can be either a man or woman.
wait, he uses a cigarette holder?! what a lord!
by Ashley St. Claire March 14, 2003

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