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3 definitions by Ashley Blake-Moore

Ghetto are of Birmingham. Home to gangs, murders and crime.
Lozzels is a ghetto!
by Ashley Blake-Moore December 13, 2007
Ghetto area of Birmingham the UK's version of the bronx.
T-Man: Handsworth Blud, Braaappppp, B21 Blud
by Ashley Blake-Moore December 13, 2007
Birmingham the second city of the UK just edging its tussel with Manchester due to a large population of about 1.1 million and greater business importance. Birmingham people from "brum" are often called "brummies". It is host to two large football clubs, Birmingham City and Aston Villa with neighbouring West Brom about 6 - 7 miles away.

The city centre is quite dull however attempts have been made to brighten it up with the failry new bull ring and other things. However it is still the concrete jungle of the 70's. The suburbs of brum like any other city are quite pleasant although these days there are little if any left, Edgbaston being the finest with all other inner city areas failing to impress.

Inner city birmingham is particualry nasty and is an area to be avoided. Handsworth, Newtown, Aston and Lozzels are 4 in particular that brandish the "Ghetto" tag due to very high crime, murder and ethinic minortites. This was evident with the shootings of two 16 year old girls the other day and the incredible 8 deaths due to stabbings one week in april 2007. The areas play host to three nationally famous gangs the Burger Bar Boys, The Johnson Crew and the less famous of the three L.O.Z.

Birmingham is only going down hill as far as i can see and in places i similar to that of Compton, and the Bronx.
Man from Buckinghamshire: do you want to go too birmingham deer?
Lady from Worcestershire: no thank you
by Ashley Blake-Moore December 13, 2007