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The age of sexual consent in most cool countries. Also an age of large responsibility as many of lifes decisions are made at this age.
Its my sweet sixteen next week im gonna be shagin.
by Ashley' December 31, 2003
A really shite film so shite its hilarious my god I was cryin wiv laughter when i saw it. Has many clasic moments.
Lets watch tongan ninja tonight.
by Ashley' December 31, 2003
The word cockerhebrain defines a woman who is constantly thinking about a penis and wanting to suck it off. The term originates from 18th Century spain when women used to look after the 'Cockerells' and constantly thought about their well being.
That Jane wont stop thinking about Cocks she must have a cockerhebrain.
by Ashley' December 30, 2003
Kick ass Dynasty Warriors character almost as cool as Zhou Tai
Im gonna pick Zhuge Liang for this level.
by Ashley' December 31, 2003
Made for TV movie king!! I think his only film to mae it to the cinema was also his shitest...Street Fighter.
Man 9pm channel 5 another Van Damme films on!
by Ashley' December 31, 2003

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