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When a guy thinks that a girl is hot or pretty but just doesn't want to say it so he looks "cool" He likes her he just doesn't want everyone to know..
Do you like Ashley?

Jeff:She's alrite

But what Jeff really means is that he thinks Ashley's hot and he likes her
by Ashley January 14, 2004
to tip over a cow while it is sleeping and then run away before it wakes up
Joe got arrested for cowtipping on Farmer Dan's farm.
by Ashley December 21, 2003
Someone or something that is a terrible waste of life/space/time, and is all-around shitty.
"that guy sucks at life"
by Ashley December 01, 2003
Fooly Cooly is a anime that tells the story of a boy(Naota) who meets an alien(Haruko) and had robots come out of his head.

Fooly Cooly can also be translated into either breast fondling or butt fondling. taking this into context of the series, it probably means any fondling of a woman.
Fooly Cooly is a very weird anime.

Did you Fooly Cooly tonight?
by Ashley August 22, 2003
a person who is in love with life and not afraid to show it...they also can dance to any type of music.
bob marley (rip) and sean paul
by ashley June 10, 2004
In reference to fooling around but never fully 'rounding the bases'. Often used to validate otherwise off limits first date behavior as wholesome or clean behavior.
Then Steve said "But Katy, they're only hands...its strictly G Rated"
by Ashley April 16, 2005
a person who loves butt sex!
Your sucha butt slut.
by Ashley March 05, 2005

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