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275 definitions by Ashley

a "gettin" drunk game that u play. Everyone sits in a circle with their drink and u go around the circle and each person has to say something that they have never done, but whne u say it u say.."never ever have i ever...(and then the thing that you've never done.) and anyone in the circle who has done the thing u said.. MUST take a drink!
"never ever have i ever done pot laced with angel dust"

(anyone who has done pot laced with angel dust, must take a drink)
by Ashley June 16, 2006
52 15
a sissy or a gay dude
That nigga is a fruit booty.
by Ashley March 07, 2003
60 24
Shortened form of the name Flantashia.
Really fly chick with a fine body and great sense of humor.

*draw out first a
Here comes that hot girl Taaaaaaaaaaaashia.
by Ashley June 03, 2004
73 42
A fan club for One of the greatest bands of all time, AFI. It costs thirty dollars to join, and all who join get a special package and special advantages.

Guy: Dude! I joined the DF!
other guy: Dude! I'm so jealous! That's a hardcore group of fans! and you get special stuff!
Guy: Dude! I know!
by Ashley October 22, 2003
58 28
A satirical website that provides entertaining recaps of television shows, and has forums that are readable because it is against the rules to not use proper English.
Television Without Pity
by Ashley December 22, 2004
142 113
if you are hot, you look good naked
boy come over here, you are hot
by ashley January 17, 2005
57 29
a person who loves butt sex!
Your sucha butt slut.
by Ashley March 05, 2005
80 53