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If you have to look it up you probably are ugly.
If you aren't sure what ugly is and you are reading this right now you most likely are ugly. Why else would you have typed ugly in the search engine?
by Ashley February 21, 2005
When it has just rained and you walk with tenis shoes and rolled up jeans through a wet soggy field. You have to roll your jeans up to keep from getting them wet.
Hey, she's dressed like a shrimper!
by Ashley January 02, 2005
to be high or under the influence of marijuana.
Man, wee smoked a blunt:We got so molded!
by ashley June 12, 2003
to mix vegetables into a dish with letuce
momma is tossing the salad for our b-b-q
by ashley May 04, 2003
something really cool;
something your cool with;
similar to "okey"
when someone asks you to do something and your okey with doing it;
by Ashley April 06, 2005
A very ghetto country way to say man
Maine, I need some cash!
by Ashley January 03, 2004
Some who has a fire in their pants. Usually have the whitest of skin.
Being ashamed of his fire crotch, David Maggio shaves his pubic hair in hopes that it will grow in darker.
by Ashley June 18, 2004
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