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275 definitions by Ashley

Pissy Mood Syndrome
HE is PMSing
by ashley May 08, 2004
This word has many meanings. It can be used in the context of frustration, happiness, sadness, even excitement. Depending on other words its paired with or the way the word is said, depends on the interpretation of the word. This is similar to the word fuck, which is very versitile as well.
MIAH!!!! That woman is annoying me, why is she staring at me?!
by Ashley January 08, 2004
Scared of guys, but not a lesbian.
Ashley didn't want to scrump with me because she's such a prude.
by Ashley November 06, 2002
the name of my dog, usually along with "gum"
bubbles gum is so fucking cute.
by ashley June 09, 2004
A weird feeling, one that can not be explained. Neither mad or happy, just in the middle.
If your friend hangs out with the guy ur talking to. you cant be pissed about it, cause its not that big of a deal, but at the same time ur not happy about it.
by Ashley November 10, 2003
Someone who has a hairy ass... I MEAN A REAL hairy ass.
Hey up there, hang your ass out the window and ill climb up. I WILL SAVE YOU!!!
by Ashley January 11, 2005
When a one eyed purple people eater gets the big jackpot.
John has THE pooty tang.
by ashley May 21, 2004