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275 definitions by Ashley

Droplets of pee that gets suck in ones pussy hair or in an animals fur.
That tinkleberrie is making my undies wet!
by Ashley January 25, 2005
guy who likes a girl but girl is only interested in being friends
she told you about someone else she slammed? you got shikked
by Ashley August 16, 2004
strang abnormal tubastyle binbag dycke funny makes faces and enjoys sex
ashley peace is all of the above and enjoys using the words above
by ashley March 02, 2005
A country boy st8 out of Alabama
Its some fine bamma boys in Mobile
by Ashley February 20, 2005
Chick with major attitude. Also called a femiNazi, usually.
That chick is major majik.
by Ashley January 21, 2004
When a guy has an erection, he places his two balls on the girl's eyelids, which makes her have his dick as a unicorn on her forehead.
by ashley June 16, 2003
Kind of like having bedhead but fuckhead occurs after having mad sex.
"I can't answer the door, I have fuckhead!"
by Ashley April 26, 2005