275 definitions by Ashley

the goddess of the universe, Ashley's best friend.
tin tin the great sure does make me happy.
by ashley February 13, 2005
Marijuana...and that gay fuck on the Real World-Philadelphia. But..mostly a shorter name for marijuana then pot.
"Is there anywhere I could score some MJ?"
by Ashley December 23, 2004
Totally awesome. You love it.
holy crap thats so radcore to the fully full on hardcore max extreme.
by Ashley November 28, 2004
the sexiest skater alive ! creater of CKY and pimps out the heartagram ! starredon JACKASS and makes me piss my pants whenever i see him !
i will marry his sexy body !
by ashley November 23, 2003
Created with not much thought when adding the letter O to the end of Bong.
When asking your friend to pass you the smoking item, whether undertaking the social pastime in'outdorrs you can use it in common speech!
"Pass me the Bongo"
"Load me up a Bongo"
"Save me a Bongo's worth"
by Ashley April 06, 2005
ya right, meaning like "no way" .. stupid idea
marw on that idea!!!!
by Ashley February 28, 2005
strang abnormal tubastyle binbag dycke funny makes faces and enjoys sex
ashley peace is all of the above and enjoys using the words above
by ashley March 02, 2005

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