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What it is called when you are still excessively proud of a past accomplishment.
"I won the school spelling bee in 5th grade."

"cough *old gloris* cough."
by ashley December 06, 2003
When some one piss you off, PUNCH 'EM IN DA FACE!
"Man, these bitches is pissin' me off"
"So, punch 'em in da face!"
by Ashley November 21, 2003
a combination of vagina and cooter
peter violently rammed his veal into her vajooter
by ashley November 30, 2004
A 1950's term that now would be considered a "dirty blonde"
Betty is a homemaker dishwater blonde.
by Ashley April 20, 2005
Another term for a woman's vagina, esp. when she is almost or currently pregnant.
"Yeah, she popped another one out the baby spout." Or "I got me up in that baby spout."
by Ashley November 29, 2004
something that seems to have been repeated.
to experience hell for the second time around
by Ashley July 07, 2003
Goldie looking chain- When something is better than good!
"I'll tell you what that is clart!"
"What is it spa?!"
"Its fuckin alllllrite!"
by Ashley April 06, 2005

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