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noun: one who is a fucking douche
Josh is a real douche fuck
by Ashley May 21, 2004
to have fun, to be wild, to dance
Are we gone jigg tonight at the Cash Money COncert? Whats jiggin in Louisiana?
by Ashley May 25, 2003
Towson. The pinnacle for lacrosse and all things prep. a spring day in towson is like being lost in a sea of pink, lime green, and plaid. towson is 2nd to none in the amount of private day schools in a single area. its the kind of place where it doesnt matter who throws a party, but where that person goes to high school. towson is the origin of the "field party", although you will have to go to a surrounding area to actually see a field party. The center of attention in towson is Bateman's on a monday night, and outside towson commons on a friday night, for all teenagers in their plaid shorts and popped collars. Towson is the "prep" capital of the world. Where every girl is loaded off her daddy's money, and decked out in only South Moon Under attire and Polo; nothing less will suffice. Following graduation Ocean City, Maryland becomes the new "towson" for the single most eventful, party filled, drunken, chaotic week of your life: SENIOR WEEK. Where ever you are now, and however old you are, if you ever lived here, you will forever be, a towson kid.
The Official Preppy Handbook is practically BASED on Towson.
by ashley April 04, 2005
The chronic disappointment in baseball.
BOSTON STILL SUCKS! 1 series victory doesn't make up for 86 years of OWNAGE.
by Ashley December 17, 2004
jelly braceletes rock all me and my firends have them but they dont mean anything to us i have black blue white red and pink:) who cares what they mean im not being forced to do anything!
I want that colour
by Ashley February 17, 2004
a combination of vagina and cooter
peter violently rammed his veal into her vajooter
by ashley November 30, 2004
term for someone who is freakishly thin

comes from annorexic but does not mean annorexic
That girl is kinda rexi
by Ashley March 15, 2004

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