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"Original Broadway Cast Recording"
I went to see Wicked yesterday, and I finally got to buy the OBCR!
by Ashley November 28, 2005
1) A sexual sound.

2) ("\(O.o)/") <---- Rawr
1)Girl: You're so hawt!
Boy: Rawr!!

2) This is Rawr ---> ("\(O.o)/")
by Ashley April 06, 2005
meaning goodbye or talk to you later. Urban.. don't know who started it.
Sheena:.. Alright well I gotta go..
Chris: aiight 1.
Sheena: Bye
by Ashley March 06, 2005
one who is dumb. someone you dont like.
damn you scottie, you are such a cock-fuck.
by ashley December 12, 2003
a young person who usally displays homosexual tendencies...see queer
Jonny acts like such a little queerling.
by ashley September 07, 2004
Lying in bed with one's partner (on the phone with them because you can't be together irl) and pillowtalking or falling asleep with them.
Brynn and I phone cuddle every night before falling asleep.
by Ashley August 10, 2004
Having sex with a tree
Tree:I'm a tree
Nick:I know
by Ashley July 31, 2004

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