2 definitions by Ashley, and Abby

>noun: immensely large pork sword.
>noun: uncommonly huge (in size) piece of meat.
HOLY COW! Irving has a jet puffed sausage! How does he find under wear that fit?!?!!

Wow. That is one jet puffed sausage, its the size of my jet puffed sausage!
by Ashley, and Abby January 03, 2008
>noun: a wet, sweaty, and deli-style latino sex act.
>verb: the act of having deli-style latino sex.
Did you see that paene panocha sandwich scene on the spanish chanel's late night special?

Raul and Maria are on top of the tortilla machine making a peane panocha sandwich!
by Ashley, and Abby January 03, 2008

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