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THE BEST comeback ever. It cannot be beat. Not even by cock juggling thunder cunt.
Trey: you asswipe.
Ashley: stop being a cockweed.
Trey: oh damn, you win.
by Ashley! July 25, 2006
a hug that makes the person you're hugging happy. if this doesn't work, you my friend have failed.
Saby:"My dog ruined my gaming system so now I'm sad." see nerdc0re
Ashley:"Here's a happy hug!"
-happy hug occurs here-
Saby:"Wow! I'm no longer sad!"
by Ashley! July 24, 2006
once you cannot stop taking online quizzes/surveys, you are addicted to virtual marijuana.
Cathy: Lets go smoke some VIRTUAL MARIJUANA!
Ashley: Yea, but that one quiz site sucks...
by Ashley! July 24, 2006
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