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After a girl as some really good sex (Or a guy goes down on her/fingers her and he knows what he's doing) she walk kinda like she's dizzy and disoriented, like she's just had great sex.
Boy: Even 40min after we were done she still had that sex walk.

Dudet: You must be pretty good.
by Ashlen April 09, 2007
A game where you throw a penny back and forth between two people aiming to make it down their shirts. If the penny makes it down your shirt, you have to remove an article of clothing.
We didn't have any cards to play strip poker, so we started a little game of sex penny at the party.
by Ashlen April 09, 2007
When your able to finger your girlfriend so well she shakes and shivers and when your done she can't walk vary well. (Also known as Sex Walk)
Boy: I fingered Star so well last night she got the shakies

Dude: DUDE! how'd you do it!!
by Ashlen April 09, 2007
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