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Small town in RI where you can't go anywhere without knowing someone. Parents are afraid to let their kids go to Providence because there are too many "stabbings and gun shootings" there. In EGHS, no one talks to someone their not friends with, no one says hello to an only an aquantaince. The cheapest house to buy is 400,000 and its not even new. Teens here are so wealthy that they pretend theyre not by getting high and drunk every night-and their parents give them the money to do so. Barrington thinks theyre EG, but EG has the A+ test scores.
Ashlee- Hey mom I'm going to a party at Kyle's tonight in east greenwich.
Mom- Oh I like Kyle he's cute, do you want me to give you some money for anything? Is $150 okay for tonight?

*at Kyles*
Kyles mom- okay which pair's up next for beer pong?
by Ashlee* September 01, 2005

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